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Love dolls are an excellent sex toy. Today love dolls are better than ever, many love dolls have state of the art materials giving them a very lifelike feel. Today more than ever, love dolls, pocket pussies, and pussy / ass combos are popular with men, and couples. Today’s love doll’s materials are so lifelike some people say they feel more like pussy than pussy. The love dolls currently available have a plethora of options as well.

Whether you are looking for a celebrity love doll such as the Tera Patrick models, or an inexpensive blow up love doll, you’ll find them all here. We provide you information about the latest life like materials, care and handling, love dolls vaginas, the Hustler® love foam doll, and the real dolls; at internet only prices, convenient discreet shopping experience and discreet shipping.

Blow up love dolls can be a fun way to try out the love dolls experience. Usually very inexpensive, some have just the plastice parties, put more and more blow up love dolls feature cyberskin or futurotic parts incorporated into the less expensive blow up style love doll. Be sure to keep your blow up love doll away from sharp objects!
Blow up love dolls are easy to put away and keep from prying eyes, and are often an excellent choice for those who want a quick and easy hide away love doll sex toy.

Love Doll parts; vaginas, pussies, asses, mouths, boobs, cocks, feet!

Many people these days are choosing to use one of the combo pussy and asses, or cybersuck love doll sex toys on the market. There are many excellent choices that incorporate a vagina, mouth, or anus in their desing, or a combination of the three. There are compact choices such as the jill Kelly pocket pussy that make for an excellent manual masturbation experience (either alone or with a partner). These are compact and often easily handled with one hand. There are combo units with this design such as the cyberskin vagina models .

Many folks are also getting more bang for the buck by using one of the larger combos such as the Ter Patrick pussy and ass, this model as well as several other from celebrities such as Jenna Jameson and others. These larger ful butt models make for an enjoyable on top experience. These larger love doll parts give you a hands free sex toy that feels great and usually have other options such as an anal entry, vibrating models, some of them have squirting and gushing options as well. These love dolls parts offer a premium sex experience without the price of the full sized real doll models. Prices between $100 and $400 you can enjoy the best of the best parts and save space at the same time.

For even more pleasure consider the Hustler love doll; for around $700 you get an interchangeable vagina, a blowjob  mouth, and the closest thing to the full fledged real doll experience. Made of a lifelike “living foam” material that has some give, but maintains it’s shape and firmness unlike the cheap blow up style love dolls.

Care of  your love doll is very important for long term enjoyment

Cyberskin models need to be gently cleaned, and a cornstarch powder should be applied after they are clean and dry to maintain the skin like look and feel. You can purchase a cyberskin care kit, or put one together your self. It is strongly recommended that you not use an oil based lube with your love doll. There are plenty of excellent water based lubes that work really well with love dolls to choose from.

Never share your love doll, or if you must, make sure to practice safe sex. There was a case reported where several folks in a fraternity all contracted an STD from sharing a love doll - same goes for pocket pussies and vaginas, where a condom if sharing!

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